Know your physical therapist

Hiram Owen Brian Masayon, PT, CCI
CEO | President
Director of Physical and Rehabilitation Therapy

Your Physical Therapist is a licensed Physical Therapist in the State of California and in the Philippines and is also a Certified Clinical Instructor.

He has been in the profession since 1999. As a member of American Physical Therapist Association (APTA) California Chapter he steadfastly practices his profession in accordance to the physical therapist code of ethics.

An exercise enthusiast, he is also an active athlete himself engaged in several endurance sports. Brian is an accomplished Marathoner, Ultra-Runner couple of 50k and 50 mile finisher, Ultra-Cyclist with several 200 mile bike race finisher, Triathlete (several half- ironmans) & Ironman Finisher (full ironman). He has finished several of these races with several more races lined up for him spread out throughout the year. Some of his bucket list as an athlete includes finishing a 100k and 100mi ultra marathon, a 300-mile bike race and several Ironman Races. Participating in and finishing these races has been his personal goal and he gets his motivation from his family on all of his races. He believes keeping himself active keeps his mind and health in tiptop shape. He hopes to inspire other people in what he does in the same way he gets inspired by seeing people doing these races. This is when his ATHLETE RECOVERY LOUNGE was established in his clinic. Athletes from different sports, whether professional or non-professional athletes, to varsity players to weekend warriors and gym goers, they love seeing Brian as he understand an Athlete’s body that is injured or recovering as he himself is an athlete and a clinician in one. They get the results they need and are able to return to their active lifestyle the soonest possible time.

Brian is a husband to a supportive wife who is also in the medical field as a Licensed Registered Nurse, hence how the name of their company was derived from, PT-RN Care, Inc., wherein Brian is a PT and Gail is an RN, you are under the care of a PT-RN team. They have 3 beautiful, loving and sweet children. He is a son to both hardworking & loving parents, the eldest of 3 brothers, a loyal friend and a practicing Catholic, he make sure that his virtues as a clinician, family man & a friend are well balanced. He believes PRAYERS, HARDWORK, and DEDICATION, HAVING A DREAM & LOVING WHAT YOU DO will help a man achieve and reach his goals. He lives his everyday to the fullest all the time & gives all he’s got, because for him tomorrow is another day of Blessings GOD will give him.

Brian as most of his patients and peers call him has wide experience and understanding in the field of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation of which he had triumphantly earned his clients trust and confidence in their road to recovery and independence. Likewise, the other Health Care Providers were able to recognize his expertise, professionalism & empathy to his clients. His professionalism and awesome reputation are recognized by all his clients who also gave him and his team great reviews on all of their social media outlets like on their Facebook Page, Instagram, Yelp, Twitter & YouTube.

His Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic was established in 2005.