Who is PT-RN Care, Inc.

Established in September 2005, We have a convenient and accessible location with FREE Parking. We are located in the heart of Downtown LA at the Carmencita Chuateco Medical Building. The Founders of the Company is a Husband and Wife Team, both dedicated Medical Professionals, Brian, licensed PT and Certified Clinical Instructor and an active athlete himself and Gail, licensed BSN RN

We are an Outpatient Physical and Rehabilitation Therapy clinic designed to treat patients with different physical conditions, address pain and weakness, meet the needs of the patients and bring them back to their active life the soonest possible time as well as make them independent in household and community interactions. Our Outpatient Clinic is very patient friendly, having professional and courteous staff, and clean and organized facility, it gives you a feeling of being home and welcome. We give our clients and patients only the best service there is and we’re proud to be recognized by our Patients & Athletes as “The Best in Town”. GOT PAIN OR WEAKNESS? ~ WE CAN HELP!

Likewise we have an Athlete’s Recovery Lounge wherein we are being visited by different athletes from all kinds of sports from weekend warriors to gym goers, to varsity players to Non-professional to Professional athletes, WE’VE SEEN THEM ALL! Athletes come to us for their recovery session BEFORE, DURING and/or AFTER their race or training session. They see us so they can go back to racing, training or playing the soonest possible time avoiding injuries and be on their choice of sport for a longer time. We get rid of their muscle pain and soreness and prevent any sports related injuries so they can get back at it as soon as same day or the next day. And if they have any injury, our program regimen helps facilitate speedy recovery in a spectacular way with minimal amount of time. We believe that no matter how strong of an athlete a person is, if you don’t have a proper regimen for your recovery, then you will be prone to injuries and ultimately be out of the sport you love. But we are here to prevent that from happening. Our regimen program is proven effective by all of our athletes! WE HELP ATHLETE RETURN TO #BEASTMODE!